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The Most Challenging Recipes in the World

The Most Challenging Recipes in the World

For many of us, cooking is a hobby, passion or even a means of livelihood. The sheer sensation of preparing your favorite recipe with the right ingredients feels great, but what if we tell you that some dishes are nearly impossible to master. Read on to know about the most challenging recipes in the world.

6. Baked Alaska:

Ice cream cakes are never easy to make, but Baked Alaska is simply too difficult to even try. First you need to build a mold of ice cream around the cake, then cover it with meringue and finally bake it for an exact duration. After many hours of assembling and freezing, liquor is poured over caramelized meringue which is then ignited. This dessert is loved across the world, and the Americans love it so much that they declared February 1 as Baked Alaska Day.

5. Soufflé:

In French, the name of this egg-based baked recipe literally means “to puff up”. The hardest part in making this beautiful and light dish is whisking air into the egg whites so that it rises inside the oven and does not collapse afterwards. To achieve this, the egg whites have to beaten precisely for four minutes, at almost 180 beats per minute. Over beating causes the Soufflé to break (once it is baked) and the chocolaty liquid to seep out.

4. Croissants:

These flaky, buttery pastries are found on every breakfast table across France. Their preparation involves working the dough slowly and patiently and resting it intermittently, to get the perfect croissant. Any hurry in mixing the dough can result in a thick, tasteless pastry.

3. Turducken:

Also known as Three Bird Roast, this recipe is prepared by stuffing a deboned chicken inside a deboned duck which is further stuffed inside a partially-deboned turkey. The hardest part in making Turducken is removing the birds’ bones without damaging the skin. Then, the birds are to be stuffed with great care and cooked slowly for 14 to 16 hours at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The end product is a roasted mega-bird that dances across your taste buds.

2. Consommé:

This is a clear soup prepared from meat, egg whites, tomatoes and bouillon. The mixture is slowly simmered so that the fat and other sediments rise to the surface for skimming. Though most chefs attempt to prepare Consommé, only the most experienced ones can master the clarification process.

1. Beef Wellington:

It is a preparation of fillet steak coated with mushrooms and pate, wrapped in a puff pastry. The steak is to be coated with flour and fried in oil till it turns brown. Then, it is slow-cooked in onion, garlic, mushrooms and some red wine, before it is covered with puff pastry and baked. While preparing the Beef Wellington, you must ensure that the beef is red in the middle and the pastry is crispy and golden brown. This, along with the wrapping process, makes the dish too hard for the inexperienced ones.

Although these dishes are difficult to make, they taste like heaven. Exotic food, along with loads of gambling fun at your favorite casino, is what dreams are made of.

5 top healthy food should be in your diet

5 top healthy food should be in your diet

There are two ways in which adding nutritious foods to your diet can prove to be beneficial for your health. You can maintain your caloric intake, while still feeling fuller if your diet consists of healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins. Such foods also contain plenty of beneficial compounds like antioxidants that offer unique health benefits.

Here are 5 top healthy foods that you be in your diet to ensure that your body looks its best best, both from within and on the outside.

1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are another high-fiber food item that can help prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol. While flaxseeds contain several polyphenol compounds, the most potent are the lignans, which can protect the body against cancer. Along with the seeds, the oil that flaxseeds contain happens to be rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds and their oil should be stored in the refrigerator. The seeds can be ground up and then sprinkled onto just about anything, such as breakfast cereal, cookie batter and even a meatloaf.

2. Leafy greens

The produce aisle at grocery stores offer so much greenery to choose from. These greens are filled with nutrients and rich in fiber, especially leafy greens like bok choy, broccoli rabe, kale, mustard greens, spinach, and Swiss chard. There are many ways in which these leafy greens can be prepared, from eating them in salads and sandwiches to sauteing them. The reason leafy greens tend to be slightly bitter is because of the nutritious phytochemicals they contain.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not an average breakfast food, it is actually very healthy. Consuming oats as a part of your diet will ensure that bad cholesterol is flushed out of your body. Instead of instant oatmeal, it will be far healthier if you take the time to use fresh oats to make your own oatmeal at home. If you decide to eat your homemade oatmeal as a breakfast cereal, you may use some brown sugar and milk for garnishing, and you may even add a bit of butter.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil is another food item that essentially needs to be a part of your diet and you may even pair it with dark, leafy greens. There is even a Mediterranean diet that is based entirely on olive oil. Obviously, “extra virgin” olive oil is the best since it is the least processed. Unlike saturated fats, olive oil will never clog your arteries, while it also contains polyphenols, which are are same potent antioxidants present in green tea. Polyphenols also prevent cell abnormalities that may lead to breast and/or colon cancer.

5. Tea

There are many teas that are very healthy and despite not actually being a food item, these beverages should still be a part of your diet. In fact, if you drink sodas, teas like green tea would make ideal, healthy alternatives. Black teas will also raise your body’s antioxidant levelsand you may even give a shot at the latest “white tea” trend. In particular, green tea happens to be rich in polyphenols and those will help fight free radicals.


Adding the above 5 healthy foods to your diet should not take more than just some conscious effort on your part. If you actually start eating and drinking the above as a part of your diet, it will actually be for the betterment of your own health.